Website Development Outsourcing KPI Redefined

Websites are compiled web pages with organized content that can be viewed publicly through the Internet. The creation of the web pages is the actual development of a website. Recently, just like customer service functions and technical support being outsourced offshore, web developing is now delegated to workers located overseas as well. With the very cost effective option of offshore manpower, job descriptions like a website developer are outsourced as well. Website development outsourcing KPI would then be formulated to serve as guidelines for quality.

The world is now turning into a world full of everything electronic and digital. What we had before as references in the form of encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesaurus, and the like are now replaced by a single source that is broader and far more extensive. This is none other than the Internet. The Internet is responsible for the decline in the usage of hardbound sets of encyclopedias for reference. Who would want to use general information published a year or two ago when you can have information that is updated? That is right. The Internet is almost responsible for everything that has happened to hardbound sources.

Since information is very precious, keeping it updated and far from being obsolete is the priority for those developing websites that contain general information. And of course, other than keeping information updated, making sure and verifying that the information is factual and accurate should not be missed out as well. These are the KPI for outsourced website development, and is considered analogous to what call centers have like the AHT or average handle time, quality, customer satisfaction, and FCR or first call resolution.

Information is just part of the content of what web pages have. Other than content, the design of the page is also an important part to consider. Web designing is a part of web development and a good web design affects the overall quality of a web page. There are a few guidelines on how to make a good design. Being a guideline also, the web design falls conveniently as another KPI for web development.

A good set of matching fonts can certainly help in the appearance of a web page. By looking at both the micro and macro level of a font, you can improve your web design in this aspect. The micro level of a font includes what font you are going to use, the font glyphs, and the like. The macro level, on the other hand, pertains to the overall positioning of the texts, like how they are blocked, and adjusting the fonts’ shapes and sizes.

Another element of a good design is the selection of images and graphics to include in the web page. Selecting the appropriate images to match your fonts should be the basic rule in this element. As long as the fonts do not look like outcasts around your images in the same web page, and as long as there is apparent cohesion in both, then you are guaranteed to have an excellent web page design-wise.

There can be more development outsourcing KPI for websites but the basic ones are the ones mentioned above: its overall design and its content.

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