10 key ideas about 360 degree feedback

Hiring personnel and its evaluation is a process that involves many stages. It just seems easy to find a few employees who seem to meet position requirements. Today, companies operate in a tough competition. Personal initiatives, loyalty and dedication to work are virtues every company employee must have, otherwise such a business may have no chances to withstand this tough rivalry and gain a competitive advantage.

The conventional way of applicants’ appraisal is not quite complex. HR managers look at a person’s CV, his/her skills, education, special trainings and of course, previous experience which is proved by references from past employees.

Yet, there is a 360 degree feedback system which is used to evaluate both job applicants and individuals currently employed with the company. In simple words, this is a process in which hr managers (or whoever concerned) get anonymous and confidential information from people who work around them. Yes, a report from a manager is important. At the same time, it might be more important what employee’s supervisors, colleagues and clients think of him/her.  Here are 10 key ideas about 360 degree feedback.