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Welcome to, home of the Business Analysis Toolkit.

We have designed the Toolkit to give business professionals like you a quick, practical introduction to several of the most popular—and most powerful—business analysis methods ever conceived.

The Business Analysis Toolkit starts with 16 complete Balanced Scorecards, including 250 ready-to-use Key Performance Indicators, designed to help you measure and improve your business performance and solve common business problems.

You can use these valuable tools to:

  • Analyze your business.
  • Understand your competitors.
  • Fine-tune your financial department.
  • Streamline HR.
  • Identify and manage risk.

We’ll deliver your scorecards as MS Excel files, so you can use them right away.

We’ll also send you each one as a .BSC file, which you can open, edit, and customize in BSC Designer, the professional Balanced Scorecard design software.  Don’t have BSC Designer?  We’ll give you a free copy of BSC Designer Light, so you start using these scorecards immediately.

Business Analysis Toolkit includes

But that’s only the beginning.  The Business Analysis Toolkit also includes:

  • A 32-page guide to PEST, one of the most popular business analysis methods today. This guide explains what PEST is, how it works, how to employ it in your company step-by-step, plus best practices and some possible problems.
  • A 29-page guide to SWOT analysis. Again, we’ll explain the SWOT process, show you step-by-step how to use it in your company, and discuss best practices and potential trouble spots.
  • 4-page 360 degree feedback guide. Includes clear recommendation that you should follow to achieve success when using 360 degree feedback method. Additionally with BSC Designer you can have live info-graphic for 360 degree feedback.

Review of business analysis methods

The Business Analysis Toolkit includes the review of the most popular business analysis methods. The review includes introduction to the method, step-by-step algorithms, pros and cons, best practices:

  • Finally, a comparison chart reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of each method we’ve discussed, and comparing each one against all the others, so you can quickly understand which methods work best in particular situations.

Any of these reports could be useful by itself.  But taken as a whole, our Business Analysis Toolkit will help you see the big picture.  You’ll understand how these business analysis methods work, how to put them into practice, and which method (or methods) might be the best fit for your company.  You’ll know how to choose the right method, and how to use it to maximize your business’s success.

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Customer about toolkit

We’re going to solve some problematic tasks relating to the emergency of the nowadays business development in the country.

Dmitry, CEO, Miaplaza, Ukraine

Actually, we’re considering BSC as the main business tool for us for the future. Thanks to AKS-Labs, and their tools, we’ll be happy to start to realize our idea within the nearest time. The tool itself is gonna be great one, so included with all the possible features we can take away.