10 key ideas about 360 degree feedback for free

Receiving anonymous feedback on own performance, competencies, skills and character traits can be very helpful in improving oneself. To the contrary, it might result in distrust, envy and irritation. This guide will focus on highlights of a 360 degree evaluation system – a procedure of getting feedback about employees from their supervisors, colleagues and customers. This is an extremely popular evaluation system among European and American companies, and a must have toolbox for seasoned HR managers.

Download 360 Degree Feedback Guide for free

360 Degree Feedback Guide

360 feedback system  may become a delay-action bomb or an excellent and accurate tool to evaluate employees competencies, knowledge and skills in order to use them to achieve a maximum effect. Read on to learn “dos” and “don’ts” of 360 degree assessment, its pitfalls and benefits, key survey items etc. Success in implementation of this system will definitely benefit any company.

Recent survey reveal that lots of successful US and European companies have adopted this personnel evaluation system which has become a part of a larger evaluation framework. Moreover, studies have also revealed that after the initial evaluation, 84% of subjects showed improvement in performance, both individual and in group! It is definitely with trying!