The Different Business Process Outsourcing KPI

KPI or key performance indicators are determiners of what a BPO (business process outsourcing) company, under which the call center is categorized, should do to maintain balance in their company. KPI are variable figures that go up and down just like a lever depending on the performance of the company’s employees. If one of the KPI goes down where it already affects the company as a whole, then you can boost this certain KPI to neutralize the decline. It might be a little ambiguous at this point, but knowing what the different business process outsourcing KPI are can make things a whole lot clearer.

In a business process outsourcing company, the main KPI are as follows: quality, customer satisfaction or CSat, and average handle time or AHT. There might be components other than the three mentioned, but generally, these three are the main components. Call centers often have clients who demand a certain target to be met. This target is a set of values assigned for the quality, customer satisfaction rating, and average handling time of each call that will be handled by the BPO company or the call center on its client’s behalf. The calls we are referring here are the ones made by the client’s customers which the call centers are taking.

The balance among the three main components of the KPI is not easy to achieve. For example, a call center aiming to increase its customer satisfaction scores of their calls would significantly drop their average handle time scores. This is because if they are up to please customers over the phone, it would entail having to stay longer on each call to make sure all the customer’s issues are resolved, and that they are done in the most courteous way possible. Other than the average handle time, quality scores can also reduce because customers might have requests that are granted by the representatives they are talking to. And these requests could be directly against the quality guidelines set for each call.

Going the other way, if a call center is aiming to improve its poor performance in terms of average handle time scores and starts working on it, customer satisfaction score is automatically threatened to decrease. The quality scores will be affected as well since hurrying a call will mean missing key points that need to be mentioned in a call – the very criteria where a quality score is gauged.

Having said so, you are now aware why there is difficulty in balancing the three components because increasing one KPI component would affect the other one. It would not have to be a problem if the effects are positive, but unfortunately, things do not always go this way. A solution here is to maintain an average score for each kpi component. This way, it will be more controllable to have all the metrics meet at the middle and avoid having low scores in some components. Studying the trending of the business process outsourcing KPI also helps. It gives the company an idea where to set the scores that are most achievable and productive.

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