Getting Atop the Customer Service Outsourcing Scorecard

Approximately hundreds to thousands of call centers have been sprouting in many countries from the time business firms have seen the potential profitable market in them. Beating the other call centers in this highly competitive industry takes the mastery of the elements of the customer service outsourcing scorecard.

Call centers have swept their way into the business industry faster than any other recently established business. It has not been long since the first customer service center has started. Now, everybody is competing to make their way towards the development of the ultimate scorecard that can guide them towards success accordingly. Since there are so many call centers around the globe, there has to be a basis for companies on how to choose a provider or outsourcer in handling customer service procedures. So, the CS outsourcing scorecard has been created to provide criteria to ensure the excellent performance of each outsourcer.

However, there are various metrics used by these call centers, depending on the scorecard they are planning to develop. Almost all outsourcers provide customer service and functions that are similar to some extent. Still, they vary in some ways so they can be solely or uniquely identified. They must consider the following things in to develop a scorecard of much quality here.

One is blockage. This metric is used by the typical call center to measure the volume of calls so as to avoid “traffic”. They determine incoming customers who are on queue because all customer representatives are currently “on call” so they are not accommodated in the call flow yet. This usually happens to network services that are small scale, the ones that are not adequate enough to handle the surge of calls. Dealing with this in an effective way could possibly make the call center function and operate way better. Customers are now expecting more on the service because of the popularity of call centers. The better the flow of the call, the more satisfied the customers will be.

Next thing the customer service outsourcer needs to deal with is the abandon rate. This is what happens when a customer hangs up the call as they are not entertained because all the representatives are still on current calls. Now this is somewhat connected with the blockage, but in this case, they were able to reach the customer service number. Surely, this can be unfavorable to clients even if there is an “email us” option. Clients call because they want immediate response although emails are thought to be responded urgently as well. The company needs to retain regular clients as well as potential clients for added revenue. So, this metric must be taken into consideration to gain success on the scorecard.

The last but not the least to make the customer service outsourcing scorecard is the service level. This refers to the number of calls answered within a certain timeframe of waiting and handling. All customer representatives must be able to answer incoming calls and deal with each call fast without compromising the client’s satisfaction on the answer. This is another way of determining the speed of response of a call center and boosts their ranking in the scorecard.

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