Your Best Health Care Services Through the Medical Facilities BSC

Health is basically defined as a complete state of well-being: physically, mentally, and socially. Good health is not merely achieved by the absence of illness or infirmity. Health facilities are an integral necessity in any community. It serves not only as a treatment facility but also, as a watchdog for diseases and other major issues that would affect health. The quality of service provided by these facilities should be non-negotiable. The medical facilities BSC or balanced scorecard provides us a guideline on how to gauge the quality of services in a medical facility.

In its most basic form, the scorecard measures the performance of medical facilities. It is very important for a medical facility to have good financial performance and financial progress. A medical facility is actually measured by its receivable accounts and operating profit. It must be able to afford the cost of building new sub-facilities, developing or buying new medicines, and purchasing new medical apparatuses. Financial stability is very important for a medical facility since it would ensure smooth operations if all needs are attended to.

Customers, in this case, the patients, must have good perception of the medical facility and this is generally possible if their expectations are met or even surpassed. Medical facilities should be accessible to as many patients as possible. It should be easy to locate and near areas where population is dense. The cost of medicines and treatment must be well within the means of the general populace. Costs should be adjusted according to the paying capacity of most people in the area. Although customer perspectives are second only in the scorecard, it is still of equal importance to financial perspectives since this directly affects the patients.

There are processes involved in the implementation of services in a medical facility. A good facility will ensure that the processes are easy to understand and follow. Patients should not be made to wait in queues. The facility should have a good outpatient program and inpatients should be given full medical attention. The facility must constantly upgrade their equipment and frequently replenish used medical supplies. The development of new facilities should be fast and they should be made available for use as early as possible. Even the average duration of a patient’s stay is used in the scorecard to measure a facility’s effectiveness.

Health care facilities have social responsibilities, too. Charity applications are very important for patients of average income. Medical wastes should be properly disposed or recycled so as not to cause environmental problems. The facility should provide its medical personnel a happy and productive working environment. More importantly, good health is better maintained by prevention than treatment. Health care initiatives should be shared and discussed with the public. The facility must provide a good, solid, and sustainable health education program.

The medical facilities BSC is very useful for administration personnel in a facility since it would pinpoint areas that would need improvement. It is a valuable guide to provide the best possible quality of services a facility can provide.

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