Top Three KPI Examples

There are more than enough methods to measure employee’s performance and productivity. However the most popular method of today is called as “employee scorecard”. Usually this scorecard system contains a variety of metrics with defined goals and objectives and these are called as “Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)”. Actually key performance indicators are measure performance tools, which can tremendously help the managers to identity and calculate their targets in a comprehensive manner. Today we are going to reveal top three KPI examples. Read below:
CSAT – Customer Satisfaction
Clearly customer satisfaction is the key for any business success. Therefore it will be very important for you to fully understand all the ideas and suggestions of your valued customers so that you could be able to respond your customers in a well organized manner. In addition, you will have to provide the best quality products and services to your awesome customers in cheap prices. This will not only boost your customer service but also improve your organizational productivity drastically. Nowadays a variety of organizations are paying full attention to CSAT like call center industry, business process outsourcing industry (BPO), printing industry and IT solution companies.

It should be the focal point for every business and organization. It is involved in both internal and external process of the company. Usually quality is based on a variety of factors i.e. elegant designing, color schemes, high-class production, finishing and timely batch. That’s why quality is called as an unprejudiced form of judgment. For example, if you want to promote your business identity and generate ample revenue, you will have to provide the best quality products and services to your valued customers in a cost-effective manner.

Attendance and Tardiness
Those companies who pay full attention to their employee’s attendance and punctuality, they would definitely earn more and more returns in a short time. But those companies who do not stress upon their timing management factor, they cannot generate more returns for long time. Therefore it will be absolutely vital for the companies to keep an eye on their time management factor and stay away from any postponement. This will abruptly increase their organizational productivity in a positive manner.
In short, these top three examples of KPI can really diminish your organizational stress and improve productivity in a constructive manner. However you will barely need to understand the entire function of KPIs so that you could be easily able to implement likely metrics for your employee’s measurement. In addition, KPI applications would provide some definite benefits to your organization like increased sales, high returns and long-term business identity development.