The Significance of the Help Desk Outsourcing BSC

Help desk outsourcing is a constantly growing industry worldwide. With the numerous competing companies in the industry, it is hard to identify who leads the pack and who is dependable and reliable. It is a headache calling one company after another in order to get the necessary help you want. Rating these companies should be made easy with a help desk outsourcing BSC or balanced scorecard.

The help desk is an important additional service in many companies. Most help desks provide assistance resource and information to troubleshoot problems with mostly computers and other similar products. Companies provide help desk services by letting their customers use toll-fee numbers, websites, and emails.

Many companies use third-party companies via subcontracting to provide them with help desk services. This practice is known in the industry as help desk outsourcing. These third-party companies hire workers who will be trained to master product designs and features from the contracting company. This is done to save company resources, lower firm costs, conserve or redirect energies, and make better use of information technology.

A scorecard can be used to evaluate the quality of help desk service provided by an outsourcing company.  A help desk company has several teams involved based on the level of troubleshooting they are required to perform. A scorecard will determine the effectiveness of each team in providing customer service satisfaction.

The desk-side team is also called the desktop support team. These people are responsible for calls involving desktop problems, laptops, and other peripherals. The desk-side team is mainly concerned with second level issues in computer usage. These are mostly physical processes, such as configuring computers for a new user, repairing hardware and software, and transferring workstations to another location. Members of this team should be able to explain both simple and complicated processes in layman’s terms. The scorecard will assess how effective they are in explaining things to customers.

Another team in a help desk outsourcing company is the network team. The scope of their responsibility is explaining to callers certain features of network services, like files, security, and emails. Network hardware, software, and infrastructures are included in the areas of specialty for members of the network team. Network infrastructures include backup systems, switches, servers, and firewall. The scorecard will grade the quality of services based on how each staff explains such complicated processes so that they can easily be followed by those who are not technology geeks.

There are other teams involved in help desk outsourcing and most scorecards have guidelines in evaluating them, too. Telecom teams provide help with problems related to telephone sets, fax machines, modems, voicemail, VOIP, and PBX. A scorecard should be able to determine how well they provide services in configuration of telephone numbers and voicemail setups. Other outsourcing companies create teams that answer calls related to application software and remote access applications.

Great advancements in information technology can leave other people bewildered and help desks are very useful to them. The help desk outsourcing BSC could help them identify the best company that could provide them with troubleshooting solutions.

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