The Four Key Perspectives of Balanced Scorecard

The balanced scorecard (BSC) is a strategic performance management tool, which can measure productivity of an organization in a positive manner. Usually it is employed in both small scale and large scale businesses for measurement. You will only need to understand this system on time so that you may be able to achieve the organizational goals in an unbeatable manner. Today, we are going to reveal four key perspectives of balanced scorecards. Read below:

The Financial Perspective

As far as financial perspective of balanced scorecard is concerned, it will guide the managers to calculate change in their investment, earning and losing. Also it will guide them to improve weak areas of the company. Normally it will include three important stages such as growth, sustain and harvest. The growth will lead to increased business sales, discovery of new clients and revenue generation, the sustain stage will measure the effectiveness of the company by evaluating the return on investment and the return of capital, lastly the harvest stage will show cash flow with measures including payback periods and revenue volume.

The Customer Perspective
It entirely focuses on the needs and demands of the customers. If a company provides top quality products to its valued customers, it will certainly pave its way to success soon. On the other hand, if an organization does not provide the best quality products to its customers, it will lose its identity soon. All you need to do is provide the finest quality products to your valued customers so that you may be able to achieve the organizational goals effectively.

The Internal Process Perspective

It focuses on the internal business processes. One of the most important things about the internal process perspective is that it will not only include short term objectives but also include long objectives of the company. Besides, there are some important clusters of the internal process perspectives including operation management, customer management, innovation and regulatory & social clusters. The more your internal process is strong the more you will generate returns.

The Innovation and Learning Perspective

Last but not least, the innovation and learning perspective will focus significantly on the creative skills and training of the workforce. It is associated with three important factors including jobs, systems and the climate of the enterprise. If the HR managers use balanced scorecard software, they can certainly improve productivity of their workforce in a positive manner.


In a nutshell, it can be said that balanced scorecard (BSC) is such a powerful tool that can enhance the organizational productivity immediately. It can provide ample advantages to your business such as increased sales, business identity development, client and employee satisfaction, transparency and improved productivity. All you need to do is make full use of balanced scorecards in order to achieve the company’s goals successfully.