Implementing the Right DVD Advertising Metrics

Back in the old days, the newspaper was actually viewed as the most popular advertising medium. At that time, companies would invest in newspaper ads, just to promote whatever products and services they offer to the consuming public. Today, however, there are more mediums for advertising springing just about everywhere. One of these is actually the DVD. Yes, you read it right, the DVD. Just how is this possible, you may ask. This is indeed very possible, and all it takes for advertising to be successful through DVDs would be the proper implementation of DVD advertising metrics.

With the inflation rate increasing at such a fast pace, watching a movie at your local movie house just might be too costly at times. This is one of the main reasons why people prefer to just buy the DVD version of the movie and watch it at home. This way, the whole family can watch the movie as well. And this is something that you can keep in your collection for life! With this huge marketing potential, there is definitely more need to implement the correct metrics for advertising via the DVD as a medium.

The one thing that you should remember about DVD advertising is that it comes with high costs per potential contact that you have. Promotional DVDs, in particular, are very expensive due to the fact that much of technology is used in the production of these DVDs. For one thing, you have to have quality DVD burning software running on your PC. This software should be of optimum quality so you should be prepared to shell out much money here. This would indeed be a worthy investment if you are planning long-term ventures in DVD advertising. There are miscellaneous costs to worry about as well, such as the discs themselves as well as their individual cases. These costs should be included in the metrics that you are developing for DVD advertising.

With the DVD, you can actually weed out your target market very easily. For instance, you are planning to advertise a product whose target market are the housewives of both the urban and rural sectors. You would not want to burn this particular advertisement on a DVD whose movie is of the action genre. Men would be the prospective buyers of this movie so you are aiming at the wrong target market here. For this particular product, you should burn the advertisement onto a DVD of the romance genre, for instance. This should also be included in the metrics or the scorecard that you are developing.

One disadvantage when you use the DVD for advertising, however, is it does not provide that much avenue for customer feedback. When the viewers see the advertisement on the DVDs that they purchase, what happens next? How can you be sure that your scheme did reach the target market successfully? Here lies the importance of conducting surveys in gathering feedback. This should also be included in your DVD advertising metrics. Other factors to include can be customer inquiry rate and delivery performance.

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