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Optimization of business Processes and linking operational management and strategic goals is one of the key tasks of Balanced Scorecard System.  This system has become extremely popular among companies working in various business spheres.  BSC is known as an effective tool.  However, it is very important that the system is properly implemented.  Indeed, there are many examples of companies failing to make an effective use of balanced scorecard just because company management or personnel does not understand company mission, the way balanced scorecard works or is just reluctant to properly implement BSC.

There are two main questions the company management should answer before using BSC.  The first one is “whether or not the company needs balanced scorecard”, and the second is “weather on not the company is ready to use BSC”.  Both questions are very important since if the company doesn’t need balanced scorecard and still uses it without proper knowledge, this may hurt company well being.  As known, balanced scorecard requires investments and human resources.

So, how can one determine if the company needs implementation of balanced scorecard?  There are four main points:

  • The company management is not involved in strategic planning
  • The company personnel does not understand strategic goals and mission of the company
  • Companies belonging to holdings have poor communication and feedback system
  • There is no operational control in the company

Thus, if the company still needs balanced scorecard its personnel and especially top management should be ready to use it.  How can one find out if he or she is ready to use balanced scorecard?  This is where experts from AKS-LABS can help.  Developers of BSC designer of our regularly releasing free and bait products aimed at educating users on balanced scorecard.

From now on, anyone can download free questionnaire on balanced scorecard.  With the help of this questionnaire it is possible to find out if the company top management or individual employees are ready to use balanced scorecard.  In other words, this is knowledge evaluation tool.

Benefits of BSC questionnaire

Benefits of BSC questionnaire

Questionnaire covers most important issues on balanced scorecard, starting from general knowledge on BSC and ending with strategic issues like strategy maps and strategic goals.  Having concert the questions, it is possible to evaluate knowledge on balanced scorecard and thus readiness to use this system in real business.

The questionnaire will certainly help both top management and ordinary employees to evaluate balanced scorecard knowledge.

Check your BSC knowledge

Check your BSC knowledge

Download questionnaire here

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