Dashboard and KPI Solutions in Mobile Phones

A dashboard is such unique and versatile software that could immediately enhance the organizational productivity. It not only keeps the KPIs under one umbrella for easy access but also adds beauty to the other measure productivity tools and software. Thus dashboard and KPI would efficiently provide complete solutions to the mobile phone industries in their mobile phones businesses.

The first thing to bear in mind are the key performance indicators of the automobile industry, that is, what are the elements that a higher level business executive to keep track of while measuring the efficacy of the business organization within a specific period of time. The most significant indicator would be known as revenue. In order to symbolize the pecuniary aspects on a chart, we would need to tabulate the funds into disbursements and profits. Within the disbursement tabs, we have dissimilar heads for example manufacturing, infrastructure and so on. Within the returns tab, we have heads for instance total sales variable into sales per model, revenue from spare parts, and so on. Just the once we place all of these on solitary table, we can adjoin statistics from different years and hence the fiscal aspects of the corporation are logical at a quick look.

Another important key performance indicator is known as the data for the corporate employees. This will be categorized into different heads i.e. salaries, insurance, housing allowance and location. Then tenure in the business organization will be popped in as drill-down options within the charts and flash maps. Now it has to be mentioned at this point in time that dashboard will be categorized into a variety of tabs. The main heads would consist of financial, employees, research and development, marketing, warehousing, customer feedback, and competitor analysis.
It is also possible to mention some aspects regarding the cell phones and business applications. With the arrival of 2010, various types of iPhone apps accessible for downloads has crossed the 100,000 mark. There are some applications that could eventually help the business organization to keep in contact with best buddies. Other business applications would allow you to play various latest games when you are getting bored in the back seat of your family auto. Also you should read the latest mobile phone reviews to understand the mobile phone applications easily.

There is no denying that Skype has been recorded as one of the latest iPhone communication applications. More importantly, it has achieved over one million downloads soon after its release. Another important mobile phone application of 2010 is called as the BlackBerry. In order to enhance the efficacy of this fine looking piece of rock-hard machinery, these apps can be directly installed into the cellular phone in a moment. Then a very trendy app is known as the MySpace for BlackBerry. One of the most unique aspects of this app is that it would make an easy access to your mails, bulletins, views, photos uploading and status.