10 steps self-education plan for Balanced Scorecard

Measuring and controlling of any business is possible with Balanced Scorecard concept, but it is just concept without guides, step-by-step manuals, trainings you will not even understand how to link the concept to your business.

There are two options:

  • Take expensive or inexpensive Balanced Scorecard training;
  • Invest some time in self-education;

We think that you should choose both! As for self-education there is a great library of Balanced Scorecard articles that is now available online.

So, what can you find there and what is the best way to start your self-education about Balanced Scorecard:

  1. Need some inspiration to get started? Check Balanced Scorecard success stories and BSC examples.
  2. Need guide? Check guides section.
  3. You need to create the best KPIs? Check BSC and KPI section.
  4. Need some real-life examples – learn about BSC for Sales and BSC for Finance.
  5. If you already have some questions about Balanced Scorecard then start with FAQ section.
  6. Setting up company goals? Consider using SWOT analysis, also learn more about strategy maps – you will need them!
  7. You have one scorecard and now want implement it company wide? Learn more about cascading and testing scorecard!
  8. Have everything on paper and now you are looking for some automation means? Check articles about Balanced Scorecard software or BSC in Excel.
  9. Ready to present your Balanced Scorecard ideas? Check these articles for ideas for templates, and BSC presentation.
  10. Building your Balanced Scorecard dashboard? Check related articles.